"Who am I? What am I doing? Why was I here? I spent my whole life trying to become someone, someone else, trying to prove something to someone.. someone, somewhere, someone I could never find. My whole life I was looking for this someone. When did I forget who I was and start becoming someone else? Everything was so much easier when I was young—even when it wasn’t, it was. Life was full of hope, possibilities seemed endless. I had this secret game I played when I was little: I was the only person in the world; everything around me wasn’t really there, only in my mind. When did I stop playing that—how old was I? I havent played games in years—I forgot how. I used to dream of traveling the world, the world was to be my stage. Everyone would be waiting for my performance, but I always let something get in the way, and the curtain never rose. I could see it now. Why didnt I live my life? I spent all my years looking back, trying desperately to figure out when it all went wrong, at what exact moment I went wrong. I was certain that someone must have the answer. What have I done? I lay to rest every night and pray that tomorrow would be the day, that tomorrow for sure everything would change, that tomorrow my life would finally begin. The weight would be over, and I’d be introduced to that someone, that someone I spent my whole life looking for. Tomorrow is today, and that someone that I’ve been searching for, longing for, praying for.. that was supposed to be me."

— “I’m Happy” —Michael Neithardt, Tropfest NY 2012 

(Source: youtube.com, via abluedecember)